Letters of Support

We, the Board of Directors of KEYS, are deeply grateful for the recognition and support of our work.  We are inspired by the strong commmittment and dedicated work by our network of charitiable organizations.  Together, we are preserving and protecting communities--
and securing brighter futures for us all! 

Pathway to Housing DC:  " Val, you and your team are AMAZING! Thank you for making the seemingly impossible, possible!" 
Christy Respress,
Executive Director

Thrive DC:  "We absolutely appreciate KEYS and all that  you do!"  Alicia Horton, Executive Director, 2016

Family Matters of Greater Washington, DC:  "Thank you KEYS for being so thoughtful!"  Rachel Linge, Sr. Communications Associate, 2015, 

Hope and A Home:  "Thank you, AGAIN,and AGAIN and AGAIN for helping our families!"  Rosa Mooten, 2015, 2016,2017,2018

Joseph's House:   "Thank you ever so much for responding to our request for a mini-fridge ever so quickly for Joseph's House.  Now that we have it, we can't remember how we managed without it!"  Patricia Wudel, Executive Director, 2016

The Stuart Center:  "Thank you for helping to make a beautiful enviornment for The Stuart Center!"  Vicky Rajca, Director of Finance & Operations, 2016

New Endeavors by Women:  "Thank you so much for being such a good friend of NEW over the past decade! You are wonderful!".  Wanda Steptoe, Executive Director, 2015 

New York Avenue Housing Assistance:  "It is through the tremendous generosity of you and others that we are able to help so many in such a comprehensive way.  I know that they share my deep appreciation for your support!"  Augustine Frazer, Senior Program Mgr, 2015

Central Union Mission:  We LIKE KEYS!  God Bless you and all the work you do for our communities!.  David Treadwell, Exec Director 2014 

DC Central Kitchen:  "Thank you for supporting DC Central Kitchen.  You are awesome!"  Dan Hall, Director, Monitoring & Evaluation--2014

Open-Arms Housing: "Because of support from friends like you, we have been able to increase awareness of this particular need in our city and establish a successful ,innovative model for permanent supportive housing."  Marilym Kresky-Wolff,Executive Director- Jan, 2012

Bright Beginnings: http://www.brightbeginningsinc.org "What do you have for us today? Your support helps us to make a differnce in the lives of our community's most vulnerable children and families."Betty Jo Gaines, Ed.D. Executive Director- June, 2011

Captiol Hill Group Ministries: http://www.capitolhillgroupministry.org "We gratefully acknowledge your open-hearted giving to the women and families we serve!"   Barfonce Baldwin, Executive. Director- June, 2011

"You are a wonderful organization and a real miracle worker!" Emily Durso, Past President, Hotel Association of Washington, DC- August, 2011

Hope and A Home: http://www.hopeandahome.org " We thank you for caring about our children and families at Hope and a Home and we wish you all the best!" Lynn C. French, Executive Director- May, 2011

St. Ann's Center for Children, Youth and Families:   http.www.stanns.org"Your resources go into direct services for the children and young moms in our care, and we are grateful to receive donations of useful items from our friends in the community. Thank you for your assistance in our work." Sister Mary Bader, Executive Director April, 2011

Samaritan Inns ttp://www.samaritaninns.org/ "On behalf of our residents, we thank you again for your generous and thoughtful contribution. Your solidarity in this effort changes lives. This would nto be possible without the continued support from our dedicated donors."
Larry Huff, President- Mar, 2011

Woodley House: http://www.woodleyhouse.org "You continue to 'be there' for us when we truly need you- thank you so very much!"
Gary Frye, Executive Director- March, 2011

Christ House: http://www.christhouse.org  "Thank you for your partnership in our work with the sick, homeless men and women whom we serve. Your kindness and support continue to make our mission possible. I extend our most heartfelt thanks for your concern."  Allen Goetcheus, President- May, '09

Stepping Stones Shelter: "Thank you for supporting our efforts to heal homelessness step by step. From the families who call Stepping Stones home, thank you!:  Mary Miller - April, 2011

Community of Hope: http://www.communityofhopedc.org  "Thank you so much for the wonderful and most useful donation. The furniture was of great quality and met a most desperate need for the families in our program."  Michele Washington, Dir. of Facilities,

"You have been an enormous source of support to our program, and for this we are very grateful. Management and staff of Catholic Charities is committed to strengthening the lives of the men we serve. Our success over the years has been due to your contribution to the program."  Paul Amara, Sr. Program Manager- July, '09

Community Connections: http://www.communityconnectionsdc.org  "This is a great resource. We intend to distribute these items as needed to our clients in Mayor Fenty's Permanent Supportive Housing Program."  Marion Scotchmer, Permanent Supportive Housing Program,- July,'09

Pathways to Housing DC: http://www.pathwaystohousing.org

Woodley House: http://www.woodleyhouse.org  "Our residents and consumers are so very grateful for all that you and KEYS have provided to them- we thank you for everything that you've done for us."  Gary Frye, Executive Director- June, '09

St. Elizabeths Hospital:: http://dmh.dc.gov/dmh

"The furniture is terrific! Some of the items are in the patient service areas of the Hospital and I used some for the file cabinets to set up a supply room in which I keep board games, reading materials, and other items that the patients enjoy. Our folks will feel like executives, not patients, as they learn computer skills."  Maureen Jais-Mick, Director of Community Outreach and Volunteer Services- Jan, '09

Calvary Women's Services: http://www.calvaryservices.org/  " Each year, 40% of the women at Calvary's programs move into their own homes. This is possible because of the support of friends like you. Gifts like yours help Calvary meet women's immediate needs and provide a safe, comfortable place for them to live. With support from the community, Calvary is also able to provide services like case management, addiction recovery services, mental health services, nutritious meals, and life skills classes..." Kristine K. Thompson, Exec. Dir.- Nov, '08

Community Family Life Services: http://www.cflsdc.org  "Thank you for your generous donation of men and women's uniforms to Community Family Life Services'. Both CFLS and our clients are very grateful to receive such wonderful contributions. The most basic needs such as clothing and food continue to grow and we see new clients every week in our clothing room. Thanks to contributors like you, we can continue to meet our clients' daily needs. We appreciate your continued support...  Claudia Thorne, Exec. Dir.,- May, '08

DC Department of Rehabilitation Services, St. Elizabeths Hospital: http://dmh.dc.gov/dmh/

"I cannot express how grateful we are to have you you're your organization's support. The furnishings have added a touch of class to the model apartment...There has been some remodeling since you were here last. You will be pleased..."Michelle Coleman, Acting Director of Rehabilitation Services,- Aug, '08

The Family Place: "All of us at the Family Place are most grateful for your donation of sheets, pillowcases, bathrobes, tablecloths and duvet covers. That contribution, together with those of others, makes a crucial difference in our ability to help expectant parents and families with young children."  Haley Wiggins, Director,- July, '08

N Street Village: http://www.nstreetvillage.org/  "Thank you for your generous donation of a massage table. Thank you for your dedication and willingness to help those who are in need..."Amanda Brown, Community Outreach Coordinator,- Feb, '08

Oxford House: http://www.oxfordhouse.org/  "Thank you for your donation. Without a doubt it is highly appreciated. We are a self-run and self-supported group home. Again, thank you for your concern and recognition."  Darnell Alston, Pres.,- May, '08

S.O.M.E.(So Others Might Eat): http://www.some.org/  "Your donation of household goods has helped SOME in breaking the cycle of homelessness...In all of its endeavors, SOME aims to serve clients with respect, restoring hope and dignity, one person at a time. Thank you for helping us to meet this goal."  Brian Bilenki, Non-Monetary Donations Coordinator,- Feb, '08

Central Union Mission: http://www.missiondc.org  "Blessed is he that considereth the poor..." Psalm 41:1. We thank you for being a partner with us in our endeavors to reach out to the homeless and hurting families in the Washington, D.C. community!"  David O. Treadwell, Exec. Dir.,- Aug, '07

Doorways for Women and Families: http://www.doorwaysva.org/  "Thank you again for taking the time to make a difference in our community...Your donation will help us to continue programs that help the many women and families we serve to live safe, secure and self-sufficient lives..."  Linda Dunphy, Exec. Dir.- Dec, '07

Northwest Center: http://www.northwestcenter.net  "Thank you for helping us continue our mssion to support the dignity and sanctity of the lives of pregnant women and their children in our nation's capital".  Jennifer Graves, Pregnancy Center Dir. & susan Gallucci, Maternity Home Dir.,- July, '07

Tenants Empowerment Network: Catholic Charities  "As most of our parents have not had their own apartments prior to coming into our program, they often need everything to furnish it adequately for themselves and their children. We are most grateful for all that KEYS ahs done to help us with this....Without such generosity, we would not be able to supply the many necessities of our residents."  Sr. Mary Louise Wessell, Program Manager,- Dec, '06

Samaritan Inns: http://www.samaritaninns.org/  "Samaritan Inns would not even exist unless faithful, committed people like KEYS choose to support our work in helping those live the "Good News of coming home, giving back, breaking chains, choosing life...Together, we discover the redeeming power of faith, hope and persistence to transform lives. We are grateful for the many contributions of everyday goods...Organizations such as KEYS make it possible for us to do our life-affirming work. Let me also express that Valerie's commitment to "staying on the road" to share in the available resources that are contributed to KEYS is greatly appreciated!  Mike Little, Pres.,- Dec, '06

Downtown Services Center: http://www.downtowndc.org  "It is with gratitude that we send you this letter. The contribution of sheets, towels, and comforters to our program is greatly appreciated. We serve over 300 people a day who are always in need of these items. We shared the sheets with the Homeless Housing Assistance Center at 801 St. Elizabeths Hospital where many of our clients are housed. We look forward to working with KEYS in the future."  Jonathan A. Ward, Dir.- July, '05

Fr. McKenna Center: http://www.stalschurchdc.org/  "Thanks for all you do to assist the Father McKenna Center and God's poor. The staff and guests of the McKenna Center deeply appreciate your contributions. The clothing and other goods you donate is put to good use here." Ned Hogan, Dir of Development, 2016.

My Sister's Place: http://www.mysistersplacedc.org  " As a confidential shelter for battered women and their children we strive to do all that we can to provide our residents with a safe, supportive environment in which they can heal and put their shattered live back together. We greatly appreciate the kindness of people like you who help to make a difference in the lives of our residents who are fleeing abusive relationships. We hope that our relation with you is just beginning."  Ann Haskins, Dir. of Dev.,- Aug-04

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