In a chapter entitled, “You’re Worth More Than You Think You Are” taken from The Cathedral Within, Bill Stone states that “For those of us in service must not just work harder or raise more money, but in order to fundamentally achieve our mission we must put in place the structures to do so.”

Over the past 10 years, the accomplishments of KEYS are a result of KEY individuals working together to build such a structure - a marvelous network comprised of general managers of our vast hospitality industry, care providers, business and corporate leaders, directors in  faith-based institutions, members of neighborhood associations, and students of all ages. These individuals and communities are united in showing their concern for the needs of the homeless and low-income, at risk individuals living in the Greater Washington, D.C. region. We believe this structure serves what Malcolm Gladwell describes as “a well placed lever” that moves us all towards a brighter future.

The KEYS operation, organization and spirit is fueled by the generous contributions of individuals every day! Business owners and managers recognize the worth and right-practice of our efforts to go the distance in connecting donor and beneficiary

Volunteer with KEYS and see the smiling faces of hotel and corporate staff as they generously share their resources to improve our communities. Along the way, we thank the directors and staff of organizations and affiliations who protect and strengthen our communities—daily!. We find joy and fulfillment  knowing that we are moving in a positive directions towards meeting the real life needs of others.

Virginia Linen
Adobe Foundation
JBG Companies
Nixon Peabody
The W.O'Neil Foundation
Holy Trinity Catholic Church
John Edward Fowler Memorial Foundation
The Hay-Adams
The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
Fairmont Corporation
Share Fund
Stuart Dean Co., Inc
The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation
The Greater Washington Community Foundation
OMX Office Movers Express
OMX Office Movers Express
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