“Homelessness may seem like an unsolvable problem, and while the causes of it are complicated, solutions to combating and ending homelessness are within reach.”

On a monthly, weekly, daily basic items can be difficult to purchase to maintain a standard of living. For those living in poverty, buying these basic essentials are a difference between shampoo for a shower or food for dinner that night. KEYS works with hotels, restaurants and other concerned businesses to provide these items cost-free to those in need in the Washington D.C. Metro Area.

We recently attended (Amanda observed, Webbie played) in a ping pong tournament benefiting KEYS. Webbie played valiantly next to his co-workers, Diamond and Bliss, and while they didn’t take home the “V”, they took a home a bigger win knowing they smacked around some balls for a good cause. Check out some footage of the action below...

So, be sure to check out KEYS at http://www.keysforthehomeless.org/ and don’t be afraid to say yes to fun opportunities that you ENJOY and that BENEFIT others. It’s a win-win.

Amanda Blackentose: buoybyb.com
July, 2014

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