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We are pleased to share our financials for your review.
Our Annual Form 990 Filings from 2005-2012:

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organizationMaintain current up to date information on the needs of organizations providing homeless services.

Provides and coordinates management of pick-up of donations from contributors.

Provides hotel corporations, businesses and all donors with all documentation to acknowledge contribution.

Designates contributions to selected beneficiary.

Prepares contributions for delivery.

Schedules all delivery arrangements.

Maintains all follow-up correspondence.

Provides direct support to individuals, per supply and demand.

Networks with appropriate directors in the non-profit community.

Initiates special community projects with directors and volunteer organizations.

Coordinates volunteer activities to raise social awareness of homelessness.

Maintains accurate records of all in-kind contributions and in-kind services to date.

Attends networking professional business meetings

Arrange fundraising/public relation events to accomplish program goals.


Financial records maintained by:

Abercrombie & Associates,LLC
Silver Spring, MD
301-585-5050 (office)

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