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These valuation guides provide information to help you determine an estimated fair market value of your donation.

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Q. Is KEYS a 501c3 non-profit organization?

A. Yes. Effective, March 2005.

Q. Where does KEYS receive its operating budget?

A. Through grants awarded by Foundations, corporations and individual donations from friends of KEYS. We are a member of the United Way National Capital Area, Member #9424. Other revenue streams include a dynamic green Textile Recycling Initiative and the sale of select inventory.

Q. Does KEYS operate beyond the DC Metro Area?

A. Not at this time. We are committed to serving the Greater Washington, DC region. Plans to establish our mission in other major cities across the country are on the horizon.


Q. How do I contact KEYS about a donation?

A. For all in-kind goods and services: login to the KEYS HUB SERVER. Post your donation. Donations are subject to approval by the By-Laws of our organization. If you would like to speak directly with KEYS, call 703.973.5397 or email at valerie@keysforthehomeless.org

Q. How long can it take to coordinate a donation delivery?

A. We try to coordinate a donation pick and delivery within a two week turn around and welcome additional in-kind support to effectively manage the contribution. Most donation pick ups occur within 48hrs. 

Q. How do I transport or deliver my donated items or inventory?

A. First, contact KEYS to discuss your particular interest in donating your goods. KEYS will assist in coordinating and managing your donation based upon its need in the community and develop a means for its redistribution to those in need.

Q. Will KEYS accept personal donations from individuals?

A. Our primary mission is to coordinate donations received by the hospitality and other concerned businesses that provide a stream of resources to meet the enormous need of our area’s agencies and organizations serving the homeless and for those moving into supportive housing. Donations from individuals are determined by need and our ability to handle the donation.

Q. Is my donation tax deductible?

A. Each item has a fair market value and the in-kind donation is tax-deductible. Your financial contribution and in-kind donation is tax-deductible under the law. You will receive a receipt for your donation via the post/e-email. 

Q. What are the benefits of donating to KEYS?

A. Redistributing our resources is cost productive and demonstrates a proactive strategy and a viable solution for building stronger, safer communities. Sharing your no-longer needed goods helps reduce harmful waste, protects the environment and naturally touches the lives of thousands of people who are in need.

Q. How do I judge if my inventory is usable?

A. Is the item a gently-used household good that meets a real life basic need to improve a quality of living? We do not accept perishable goods. Some food donations are accepted: packaged products such as coffee, snacks.

Q. Do you repair donated items?

A. No. All items received by KEYS are new, or gently used and ready for directly serving the needs of others.

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Q. How does my organization become a KEYS partner?

A. Login to the KEYS HUB SERVER. A KEYS staff member will contact your organization. A site visit of your organization is required.

Q. Can we buy KEYS inventory?

A. When select inventory is available, we will post it on the web site and arrangements for payment and shipping will be coordinated by a KEYS representative. KEYS also consigns special gifts with Christ Child Opportunity Shop. 

Q. How does KEYS manage its donations?

A. KEYS maintains a current assessment of the needs of our area’s organizations providing homeless services by updating the needs/wish list provided by each organization and by compiling the incoming inquiries of individual requests for help and assistance.

Q. What kinds of items do you accept?

A. Gently used, good to excellent condition household goods. Please contact KEYS for more details.

Q. I have storage space, can I help?

A. Our focus is to NOT store large amounts of inventory/donated goods and resources. Going point to point, donor to beneficiary, saves time and keeps low overhead costs. However, due to supply and demand, from time to time, KEYS must store items until they are needed in the community. Storage space is a basic operational function of KEYS and must be safe, secure, and location, location, location is KEY to our success in minimizing overhead costs. If you have space available to donate for storage, please contact KEYS.


Q. How do I volunteer with KEYS? 

Q. When do you need volunteers most?

A. Our hours are flexible, depending upon the amount of donations that need to be picked up or delivered. An average of two (2) hours is usually required for each delivery.

Q. Is there an age requirement for volunteering?

A. Under the age of 18, you must be accompanied by an adult. Valid driver’s license required if transporting contributions for KEYS.

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